Marriages are a social binding function to the couple agreeing to live together under one roof. After it’s ritual function only it becomes recognized socially and legally binding. It establishes rights and creates obligations on each other of the wedded couples. Generally in india the performances of marriages becomes costlier due to various formalities. So poor people are striving hard to face the financial requirements. To assist such sort of couple to certain erxtent the kashi Annapurna annakshetra trust is extending its helping hand and organaizasing group Marriages at a spacious place in a large gathering from the year 2008 onwards.
Every year on akshaya [vysakha suddha truthiya] day or on the following auspicious day the scheme is in process. During 2013 on dt. 29-05-2013 at shivapur varanasi. 25 poor couples of various walks of life are benefited in a huge gathering of about 5000 people. It is also in practice to provide each couple the essential house hold articles and one month ration etc. at the time of the function. It is also practice to assist other poor and needy couples at the time of their marriages.
The vedic scholars and elite people have also participating in the functions and blessing the blessed couples..

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