Due to various reasons the economy crises force the people of the family to work hard for their lively hood. The govt. and social organizations are also working hard around the clock to eradicate the poverty. To provide self employment opportunity the trust has moved to encourage poor women to get trained in vocational courses under self employment scheme, so as to manage their families at their own. In this direction our trust has started a free tailoring school in kalika galli [Back side of Goddess Annapurna Devi temple] it trained 60nos. of women & girls during 2012-2013 academic year in tailoring with 4 expert trained teachers and successfully completed. The successful candites were also gifted one new tailoring machine, as a god’s gift.in their fare well party.

The 2nd successful academic course has also been started from 1-06-2013 and 60 new students have been also enrolled their names in our famous school to enjoy the fruits of the scheme. The scheme is attracting more people day by day…