Yagnopaveeth is a sacred function in hindus. It is a prerequisite for them before going to start veda learning in the early ages of child hood it is a triple standard sacred thread joined by a knot called as brahma knot It is required to be celebrated on auspicious day only. Our trust with an intention to protect and promote traditional systems and customs organises every year yagnopaveeth sanskar on an auspicious day. Hither to about 1000 poor Brahmin children are benefitted under this programme which generally takes place on Akshaya truthiya day or any other auspicious day in a large gathering ceremony. The parents and relatives of the children along with vedic scolars are also participating in the ceremony and blessing the brahmacharies after completion of all rituals as per our sastras… The Rituals were also performed on 29/5/2013 in Shivpur, Varanasi to 100 poor Brahmin Children.